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Creatively rocket, jump and parachute your way across dozens of virtual physics playgrounds while performing aerial acrobatics in Escargot Kart, the original rolling platformer.

Ragdoll Heroes

Land a satisfying quadruple backflip or watch your hero somersault downhill after a crash. Unlock more characters and vehicles as you master each world.

Power Up!

Earn coins for each flip and exchange them for power-ups. Mix and match equipment to jump higher, fly farther and crash harder.

  • Complete hundreds of action packed challenges
  • Unlock and combine equipment to increase your abilities
  • Earn achievements landing spectacular stunts

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Escargot Kart is in active development by Chancey and Brendan of Caps Lock Solutions. If you have any comments or feedback, we would love to hear from you. Send us an email at

Escargot Kart

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